Snore Guards

Snoring is more than just an embarrassing habit; it is an indicator of serious health issues, including sleep apnea and nasal congestion. If your snoring is the result of jaw malformation, which causes the soft tissue in your mouth and throat to relax, Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox can help by snore guards. This custom-fitted jaw retaining mouthpiece fits over your teeth and holds the lower jaw forward to prevent snoring.

Advantages of Snore Guards

Snore guards are designed to prevent snoring before it starts. Therefore, these devices can protect you from serious health issues, including:

  • Sleep Apnea – This disorder causes individuals to suffer from shallow or disrupted breathing while asleep. Loud snorers are likely to have this problem, which is why they are at the risk of stroke or gastro esophageal reflux disease.
  • Heart Disease – Snoring can cause the heart to beat irregularly, making you susceptible to arrhythmias. You can also suffer from high blood pressure and coronary artery disease if you do not resolve your snoring problem.
  • Mental Health Problems – Snoring will affect your mood during the day because it disrupts your sleep. It can also affect your relationships since your partner may be disturbed due to the lack of sleep. As studies have begun linking snoring to depression, you need to take action right away.
  • Fetal Complications – Loud snoring can increase the risk of fetal complications. In most cases, it can be associated with weight gain, which is also dangerous for the fetus and the mother.
    In addition to protecting you from these diseases, dentist-prescribed snore guards offer more advantages than over-the-counter options.
  • Added Comfort – Customized snore guards are designed to fit properly. As a result, you will not feel uncomfortable wearing them. If you suffer from malocclusion, a properly-fitting device can prevent Bruxism complications from growing worse.
  • Durability – Materials which dental labs use are designed with longevity in mind since dentists are not sure how long this issue will continue. Drug store devices will not last as long and will require re-dos from time to time.
  • Value for Money – Since they are designed to be durable, they will prevent your current snoring problem for years to come. As you cannot put a price tag on your health, you will definitely enjoy more value for money.

The Procedure for Snore Guards

For snore guards to be effective, they need to be designed to fit comfortably in your mouth and keep your tongue and lower part of jaw from falling back into your throat. Therefore Dr. Fox will thoroughly examine your mouth and send her notes to the dental lab along with photos of your jaw and teeth as well as x-rays. On your next visit, she will place your customized snore guards on the top of your teeth to ensure a proper fit.

Snore guards are simple to use and have been around for a few decades now. Therefore, reap their benefits to ensure your peace of mind as well as your partner’s. Call Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox at 856 467 1100 or visit 1507 Kings Highway Route 605, Swedesboro, NJ 08085.