Dentures and Partials

If you’ve lost your teeth in an accident, due to old age, or for some other reason, dentures and partials might be the perfect option to restore your looks and smile. Dentures are replacement teeth that can easily be taken in and out of the mouth while functioning like natural teeth. It is important to know about Dentures and Partials.

Full dentures are used to replace a full set of upper or lower teeth, partials are used to replace several missing teeth.

Overview of Dentures and Partials


Advantages of Dentures

Whether Dr. Elizabeth Fox in Swedesboro recommends partial or full dentures in your case, there are many benefits to this type of treatment, including:

  • Better Function – Your missing teeth may prevent you from feeling confident while speaking or chewing. Luckily, dentures will fill the gaps and function just like your natural teeth to help you live life to the fullest.
  • Greater Smile – Made from porcelain or plastic, dentures are created to look and feel just like your natural teeth. As a result, you can enjoy smiling wherever you go without having to worry about others noticing your false teeth.
  • Better Health – Dentures support your facial muscles and structures, while also boosting your self-esteem.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Dentures are a cost-effective option, especially if you have natural teeth still present.

The Denture Placement Procedure

Every treatment plan begins with Dr. Elizabeth Fox examining your mouth visually and with X-rays to determine what kind of dentures would be best for you. Partial dentures may be recommended if you have a few healthy teeth left.

If you decide to have full dentures, any remaining teeth will be extracted and the gums and bone allowed to heal. This can take several weeks and you will be without teeth for this time. The other option is to immediately place dentures, but that will require regular realignment and visits as the bones and gums will be reshaped during the healing process.

Dr. Fox will take impressions of your mouth which will be used as a mold for the fabrication of your dentures. This way, you denture will be custom made for your mouth. Full dentures come with a base that fits comfortably over your gums. A removable partial denture is attached to teeth via a metal framework and clasps. There is a new type of partials that uses devices called precision attachments. Dr. Fox also offers a removable partial made of a flexible resin, that has invisible clasps. Though it costs more, it does provide an aesthetically pleasing result.

After the dentures are placed, you may feel additional weight in your mouth and on your gums, but that is only temporary. With time, this feeling will go away. If the gum tissue becomes irritated or swollen, contact Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox’s dental office at Kings Highway Route for a follow-up appointment.

Maintaining Your Dentures

You will also need to abide by a few simple rules to ensure the longevity and functionality of your dentures. For instance, never bite down on dentures if they feel loose or out of place as that can break the clasps and hurt you. Avoid eating sticky or hard foods during the adjustment period following the placement of the denture or partial in your mouth. These can affect the firmness of the dentures and your gums.

If you take care of your dentures according to Dr. Elizabeth Fox’s advice, your dentures can last for decades. However, they do require rebasing every year since the shape of your mouth changes as you age. Dentures and Partials can be very important when it comes to your oral health care. An annual visit to the Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox’s dental office for this purpose is the key to ensuring your dentures fit and function the way they’re supposed to.

For more information and further consultation about dentures, contact Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox’s dental office at (856) 997-2767 or visit 1507 Kings Highway Route 605, Swedesboro, NJ 08085.