Dental Library

We at Dr. Elizabeth Fox’s dental practice believe that our patients need to be fully informed about the conditions we treat, or treatments and procedures we offer, which may be recommended as part of their dental care to ensure the health and beauty of their smiles. This dental library page provides an introduction to our services. You will be able to find out more details about any one of these treatment options when you see your dentist for consultation.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have become the go-to option if you are missing a tooth or teeth. Implants can improve your smile, which will increase your self-confidence. Unlike dentures, implants function, look, and feel like natural teeth. This is because a titanium screw completely integrates with the surrounding jawbone, securely anchoring crowns, dentures and bridges.

Zoom! Whitening

An award-winning and leading teeth whitening system, Zoom! can brighten and lighten your smile in a few hours (sometimes even less than an hour) with its hydrogen peroxide whitening gel.


If you are looking at putting the sparkle back in your life, ask your dentist about veneers. Cracked, discolored, or chipped teeth can be masked with veneers, Lumineers, or laminates.

Oral Health & Heart

Your oral health can affect the health of your heart. Researchers have uncovered evidence linking poor oral hygiene and dental infection with heart diseases. Therefore, by taking care of your oral health, you can reduce the risk of heart problems including heart attacks.

Composite Resin Fillings

If cavities or dark fillings prevent you from smiling with confidence, consider opting for mercury-free, tooth-colored composite resin fillings. Designed to match your natural tooth color, these fillings ensure a perfect smile.

Gum Disease

Also called periodontal disease, gum disease destroys gum tissue and teeth. It can also affect your overall health, leading to heart conditions, strokes, and even pregnancy complications. So, get your teeth checked as you may belong to the 80% of the population that unknowingly has some form of gum disease.

Gum Recession

Gum recession is a condition where gums recede away from teeth due to the accumulation of plaque and the formation of tartar. This can make your teeth appear longer than they normally would and expose the root. It can cause further damage to the gum tissue and contribute to the spread of gum disease.


Dental radiographs, or X-rays, can help your dentist understand the condition of your teeth and gums by showing them what is beneath and in between them. They are a safe, important, and often necessary part of the dental assessment process. We use high-speed film to minimize your exposure to ionizing radiation.

Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is the key to removing tartar, which is hardened plaque. Tartar chemically bonds with your teeth and can cause cavities, gum recession and gum disease. Dr. Elizabeth Fox uses special equipment to rid your teeth of any plaque or tartar.


Dentures may be a full or partial set of artificial teeth that replaces your missing natural teeth. They are very safe and easy to use. Most of the time, they are removable, allowing patients to remove them at night and for ease of cleaning.

Root Canal

An infection that has reached the pulp and roots at the center of your tooth will require root canal therapy. Without this procedure, pain can become intense and the infection can spread to other teeth as well as parts of your jaw. Root canal treatment cleans out the infection, disinfects the empty root canals, fills the canals with gutta percha.