Cosmetic Gum Lifts

Having a gummy smile can make you self-conscious, insecure, and embarrassed. However, Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox’s dental office in Swedesboro can help you overcome these issues with the help of cosmetic gum lifts.

Cosmetic gum lifting is a process that improves your smile by reshaping and contouring the gum line. The excess gum tissue is removed from around the front teeth, allowing them to look even and appear proportionate to the curve of your lips and gum line. Our dental staff is experienced in handling all cases of gum lifting, contouring, and reshaping and will plan your treatment with your smile’s needs in mind.

Cosmetic Gum Lifts and Its Advantages

Cosmetic gum lifts surgery can improve the appearance of your smile by reducing excess gum tissue and contouring the gum line. As a result, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Improved Looks – This procedure improves the overall appearance of your smile by your reshaping your gums.
  • Added Confidence – When you are not afraid to fully smile and express yourself, you will receive a tremendous confidence boost. As a result, you will feel happier and be more in control of your life.
  • Permanent Beauty – This procedure has permanent and lasting results. Your gums will not grow back and overshadow your teeth again, so you can enjoy your beautiful smile without worries.

The Procedure for Cosmetic Gum Lifting

First off, a local anesthetic is used to ensure no pain during the treatment. The dentist will then perform cosmetic gum lifts surgery. Dr Fox will painlessly remove the excess gum tissue from around the front teeth with a scalpel.

The usual recovery period for people who had gone through the cosmetic gum lifting surgery is less than a week. For some patients, however, it can go as long as two weeks depending on the complexity of the surgery. As for pain, most patients will not need to take a painkiller. However, for some patients Dr. Fox usually recommends a mild painkiller.

You will have to refrain from eating hard or sticky foods for a few days after the procedure. The dentist will also advise you against eating or drinking hot items. Cold and soft foods are a better option since they protect your gums from infection or prolonged irritation.

Dr. Fox can bring out your natural smile and reduce the appearance of your gums with the help of cosmetic gum lifts. To schedule your initial consultation and bid farewell to your unsightly gummy smile, call our practice at 856 467 1100 or visit us at 1507 Kings Highway Route 605, Swedesboro, NJ 08085.